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Baseball field Maintenance

Sports Field Maintenance

There are three keys to daily maintenance. Concentrate on these areas and your field will
improve dramatically.


Moisture is the key factor in how an infield will perform. Even the best infield mix needs proper moisture to play its best. Proper moisture will enhance safety and playability while reducing dust and wind erosion. Water skinned area heavily the night before game day. On game day morning, nail drag and then mat drag. If time permits in between games, mat drag skinned area and lightly water. Take a regular house key and stick into infield surface, it should be able to go through with ease with proper moisture amount. Always mat drag at the end of game day and water again.  Remember to change drag patterns EVERYDAY! If man power is available during the week, repeat the above steps once a week even on non-game days.

Surface Grade

When grooming the infield, your top priority should be maintaining the proper surface grade. This will prevent low spots from developing and promote a smooth, level playing surface. Grooming equipment should be operated at a slow, consistent speed, es
pecially when turning. Changing dragging patterns frequently, as well as starting and stopping points, will help cut high spots and fill low areas. Try to keep mechanized equipment six to eight inches away from edges. Use hand tools along edges and in tight areas to ensure a smooth transition from dirt to grass.

Lip Management

Lip management should be part of your daily maintenance. Lips can be a serious safety problem causing bad hops, sprained ankles and impeding drainage during rain events. Lips do not appear overnight. Using a backpack blower, leaf rake or a broom after games to clean loose soil and conditioners away from edges will help keep lips from developing. A power broom or a hose can be used to remove a moderate amount of infield soil from the grass edge. Be sure to inspect edges after a heavy rain. The infield mix will tend to move to the back of the infield arc and will contribute to lip build up. A little attention on a regular basis will help keep buildup to a minimum and promote a safe, well-draining playin