Baseball field mix

Sports Field Products

Ultrablend™ Infield Mix:

Our Ultrablend™ Infield Mix has a mix of the track and field mix, along with engineered fine red clay. For the team that has a little more budget to stretch, and wants that classic infield look, this material is for you. We don’t use additives that can make an infield rock hard without constant scarifying. The Ultrablend™ Infield mix is easily maintainable, so you can spend more time with your players and less time with your grounds equipment.

Field Dressing Sand:

Keep your turf smooth as well as green. Our Field Dressing Sand will not only bring up those painful low spots, but help your turf stay healthy as well. For roots to stay nourished and alive, they need a lot of water. The Field Dressing Sand will hold just the right amount of water below the surface, while maintaining a level surface and keeping those bad hops to a minimum.

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